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TEAM is a free sports platform created by and for athletes. TEAM continuously assists you with real time information which connects users around you, helping you to prevent injuries, improve your plan, work outs, diet, and control your costs. The result is a unique and dynamic profile allows you to manage your own progress while enhancing exposure to sponsors, recruiters and universities. Our goal is to help athletes from the age of 8 and up to improve the sports life while creating their own personal brand to reach as far and wide as possible.


Everything you can imagine to progress in your sport at your fingertips. We help you plan your career.

Total Control

Provides total control and access to all aspects of your athletic career and life.


Access to professional assistance from qualified professional around the world, including trainers, technical coaches, mental coaches, physical therapists, and nutritionist.

Multi platform

TEAM environment can be used on multiple platforms and devices, including desktops, tablets and mobile devices, for live access from anywhere

Continuous Development

Keep updated about our progress and improvements from inside our TEAM portal. All of our users will be continuous informed of improvements and developments of interest in TEAM and the progression throughout.

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Anywhere, any platform, use TEAM and monitor your progress.

What do we do at TEAM

We are a team of people dedicated to interconnecting and assisting you. Everything you would desire from a sporting perspective is available to you from TEAM. Propose and enjoy a continuous evolution of improvements. TEAM is an adaptive system advised by industry professionals which allows you at all times to achieve what you are looking from your workouts, nutrition, leisure and everyday life.

Multi digital media

Our team has developed the most versatile and adaptive sports platform in the market.

Each sports area is adapted to its specific user on the platform. Our platform allows each user to have a unique experience, obtaining the best results and storing them to they are always accessible from anywhere in the world.

Your Own Travel Agency

Our desire to facilitate the journey of an athlete has enabled us to achieve the best collaborations with travel agencies providing our own multi-support travel portal. From wherever you are we can find your best combination of transport to your next match.

We have the best prices and most versatile travel market combinations. We combine any means of transportation from flights, trains to car rental. Enjoy the opportunity to get around comfortably and with the best quality and price.

Real Time Training

TEAM gives you the opportunity of having a specific training plan that charts your progress, that can be updated in real time from any location, giving comprehensive understanding of the data collected." "TEAM is the best choice for displaying your results and progress to your network of professionals and team mates. All your workouts and advice will be recorded, giving you the possibility to discuss and innovate continuously with your team and coaches.

Total compatibility

The TEAM platform has been built to fully integrate into your existing social media environments, allowing you to publish your achievements across multiple applications and profiles." "Spotify. Youtube. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram and now, TEAM, a revolution combining social media with sports development.

Advance and constant control

Whether you're a professional or just starting in the sporting world, TEAM is your control system. From the simple tracking of athletic progress, automatic evaluations of improvements achieved and graphic displays which facilitate your understanding.

TEAM moves away from the standards practise of control and sports management programs to give a pleasant and fun approach for professionals while being precise. Through a system of highly complex mathematical algorithms we can optimize the accuracy of the information displayed and the results. Sports control will never be the same again.

Our History

  1. 2016

    Database for each role expanded with interactive tools for training and evaluations.
    Parental control functioning with the parents receiving follow-up of the day to day work of the child in each area, notification of events and competitions and chat area with child’s professionals.
    Initial public launch of the TEAM platform made at the Global ATP 500 tournament Conde de Godó, in collaboration with the RFET.

  2. 2015

    Parent control profile created, introduction of more graphical material and association with social networks.
    TEAM presented at the sport high performance centre CAR in Barcelona at the National Congress of the Tennis Spanish federation RFET
    A collaboration agreement with the RFET is signed focused in the area of sport education and innovation.
    TEAM present at the ITF World Congress of Coach in Turkey

  3. 2014

    A Logical database is created. The first process of online trading with a travel agency with historical track records and competitions is introduced.
    Patent amplified and filed.

  4. 2013

    Profiles expanded so that the interaction of different user roles with academies and specialists is simulated.
    Provisional patent filed.

  5. 2012

    Testing begins on basic profiles, with forms and interaction.

  6. 2011

    With the innovation of cloud technology, development towards integrating cloud computing into the system. Groundwork for patented technology begins.

  7. 2010

    Installed on several PCs, sponsored players and coaches fill out there work plan and results from where they are competing and the files are sent automatically back to a central database system via email.

  8. 2009

    Development of a basic tool for a local PC is created, with focus to a complete and interactive tool.

  9. 2008

    Certain initial templates with basic references points for each environment are created.

  10. 2007

    Our initial study begin to look into a potential development tool which supports the day to day program of an athlete in all areas of their life.

Video tutorials adapted to all profiles with the presentation of each area and its fields, details and possibilities.
Any doubt, need or curiosity resolved as soon as possible by the best professionals in your sector linked or assigned to each user. Interact, comment and learn with each professional via interactive links.
TEAM allows professionals to be available in each specialty of your sport sector. You can interact with other players to compare impressions, workouts, diets, but also consult with professionals, TEAM opens the doors to achieve and improve where you want to be, eliminate your limits and most importantly enjoy the process at the same time.


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  • Travel agency with the best combination and prices


Keep up-to-date on the new development of TEAM, enjoy scientific articles, sports results, references of the most outstanding athletes through TEAM´s social networks at the bottom of our page and most importantly let us know your opinion.

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  • David Vegaprofessional player

  • Jose Luis Sancheztennis Coach

  • Toni Colomtennis Coach

  • Carlos CanudasMental Coach

    TEAM es diferente, genial, aporta todo lo que puedes necesitar para dar el salto deportivo.

  • Jofre Portatennis Coach

  • testimonial

    Alberto Sánchezamateur player

    Estoy disfrutando de la experiencia, mejorando mi ténica y logrando un mayor equilibrio deportivo...que mas puedo pedirle a TEAM...

  • Marc Pallarestennis Coach

  • testimonial

    Gerard Campañayouth player

    Estoy encantado con esta plataforma, me está ayudando mucho a mejorar.

  • Narcis PelachDirector of Academy


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